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Shoes always tell the truth about someone. [Explanation]

My friend was trying to analyze me and he did a pretty damn good job doing so. 

And one of the way that he said that you could define a person is through their shoes. 

Now, a few key things he already knew about me was:

  • I don’t wear makeup.
  • I don’t use nail polish.
  • My nails are clean and maintained, however.
  • I wear this red pink and white heart bracelet on my left wrist. 

What he told me was he could already tell that I am not one who cares much about my appearance because I don’t wear makeup. And I don’t care for what people think about me and whatnot. Also due to the lack of nail polish. However, i have a good sense of hygiene considering my nails are cleaned and maintained. He knew that either i was wearing the bracelet for the vday holiday, or it had something much more of a deeper sentimental meaning to it. He was right; a little girl gave me the bracelet and I swore to her I would never take it off, not even when I shower, etc. And I have kept that promise ever since. 

And then when it came to the boots, he said something that had to do with, “you always base it off from the nails and the shoes a person wears.” For me, I was wearing boots. 

He told me, even though, i could care less about my appearance, i still have some standards to an extent, maybe not as much as the rest of the women in the society that usually have high maintenance with makeup and whatnot, but i have a decent standard for my outward appearance and beauty. 

I will go more into detail later explaining about this, after reviewing the explanation he told me. I was half awake when he was telling me these things. >.< 

But basically, if a guy is wearing some really nice dress shoes, he’s more formal and mature or he likes to look professional. Tacky tennis shoes, the person doesn’t give a shit about what he looks like. and may possibly go without showering a couple days, not always true. but most likely. or perhaps they’re a very hardworking person that doesn’t have the time to go out and buy new shoes, but are so worn out. 

and then he always says something about how you look at the shoes, then the nails. like i said, ill explain later. more like tomorrow when i get home from school to explain more. 

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